Marlin FlyscreenMarlin Flyscreen

Marlin Flyscreen


The Dart Marlin - more of a good thing! So you love the style and quality of the Dart Classic flyscreen, but need a bit more protection? The Marlin is just for you. With more surface area than the Classic, it's designed to fill the gap between the minimalist flyscreen and a full touring screen.

Our new Classic S3 and Marlin flyscreens use the same mounting brackets and are interchangeable.

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    Will it fit my bike?

    PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS THE SCREEN AND GROMMETS ONLY. If you need a kit to fit your bike, choose from the range selector above.

    The Classic Series 3 uses the same mounting brackets as the Marlin and the screens are interchangeable. The original Classic and Piranha have narrower hole spacings, so if you are changing from the Classic to the Series 3 you will need a full kit change.

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    What's in the box?

    This product comprises:

    • Injection-moulded screen in 4.5mm thick high-impact automotive-grade polycarbonate
    • Dimensions: 12.5” wide x 13” tall. Distance from top of headlight cutout to top of screen: 12”
    • Dartec II anti-scratch hard-coating for extended life
    • Custom EPDM grommets to absorb vibration
    • Microfiber cleaning cloth