Our Flyscreens

We believe that, for most motorcyclists, a small screen is all you need. That’s why we have only ever made flyscreens. We are constantly improving and developing our products - below is our current lineup.

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    Classic S3

    This is the third incarnation of our original Classic flyscreen. Developing a design that has become the archetypal small motorcycle windshield was not easy and required a sensitive approach to form and detail. The profile has been sharpened up, overall size increased slightly and special attention paid to curvature continuity, resulting in a form over which highlights and reflections flow, almost like liquid.

    Available in Light Tint, Dark Tint and Translucent Black, the Classic S3 should be your starting point in the Dart range.

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    Back for 2024 by popular demand! For riders who need more wind protection than the Classic S3, the Marlin provides not only that but a dose of 70s chic too. Its form was inspired by the original Moto Guzzi Le Mans and as such it enhances the appearance of pretty much any bike you pair it with. We’re producing a limited run of these for 2024: depending on demand, we may give it a makeover with the S3 treatment for 2025. In the meantime, treat your bike to the finest mid-size flyscreen on the market!

    Available in Light Tint or Dark Tint, the Marlin uses the same fitting kit as the Classic S3 so why not have them both?

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    Piranha S3

    I’ll be honest - I never realised how much-loved our little Piranha was until we took it out of production! Certainly it has been the go-to screen for some smaller bikes, but the surprise has been how many riders want a really discreet addition to their bike, as much for aesthetic as practical reasons.
    Well, the great news is that we’re bringing it back! We’re investing in the same state-of-the-art tooling as the Classic S3, so it’ll be better than ever. What’s more, it uses the same bracket layout as the Classic S3 and the Marlin, so you’ll be able to swap between screens in minutes.

    The new Piranha S3 should be available in May 2024 - drop us a line to be notified the minute it comes out!