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The Definitive Motorcycle Flyscreen Since 1995

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    Flyscreens not windshields

    We only make flyscreens. That’s because we really believe that for most riders they offer the best of both worlds: an increase in comfort without losing the raw, unfiltered experience of riding. Which is why you bought a naked bike, surely?

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    Dartec 2 Protection

    Dart flyscreens are enhanced by our proprietary Dartec 2 hard coating. This is a tough layer of silicate material bonded to the polycarbonate screen, giving it a glass-like hardness and abrasion resistance. It also makes the screen easier to clean - dirt just washes off!

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    Easy To Fit

    Fitting a Dart flyscreen is simplicity itself. For most models, all you'll need is a couple of spanners and Allen keys and twenty minutes. It's the quickest way to upgrade your ride!